Why You Shouldn’t be Intimidated to Date

Dating can be super intimidating but there’s no reason it should be! It can be so rewarding depending on the way you look at it. Here are some of my tips on dating and why you should do it:

A big thing I’ve noticed that a lot of people struggle with is nervousness or rejection. To that I say:

+You literally have nothing to lose, so why are you so nervous?

+ If it doesn’t work, it’s not meant to be. No loss and no gain

+ Getting rejected saves you a lot of wasted time. Knowing the feelings aren’t mutual is better than being years into an unhappy relationship

+It’s NEVER your loss- mindset is everything

Here are some of my tips:

+ Read my post on confidence

+ Download a dating app. Experience is experience even when if it’s just talking. 

+ Put yourself out there

+ Say yes to more (obviously within reason)

+ Say no to things you’d typically let fly

+ Change your mindset

+ Stop putting guys/girls on pedestals. This is the #1 mistake. Instead, put yourself on one

+ Write yourself a letter. I started doing this when I was 16 and it’s SO funny to look back on. I write mine the way I’d give a pep-talk to a friend and promise that they work. Read them when you’re feeling insecure or nervous before going out

+ Know what you’re looking to get out of it and stick to your intentions. Speak your intentions and don’t let it waver- the right person will accept them

Pros of Dating:

+ I LOVE meeting new people and feeding off of energy. One of the coolest things about dating is learning. Even if you’re not interested in someone, they might have something to offer like a perspective on something you’ve never thought of before

+ You might meet someone cooler than you expect that adds to your life in a way you never thought possible

+ Dates are fun and you get to try new things

+ You might just find what you’re looking for (or more!)

+ It can be a confidence booster

+ You learn SO MUCH about yourself, your wants, your needs, and what you’re looking for

+ It’s fun!

Get out there, be confident, and remember that you’re a catch. The person should be the nervous one, not you!


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