Thanksgiving Looks I’m Into

Although things are going to be a lot different this year, I’ll use literally any occasion to dress up and Thanksgiving is no exception. Here are some looks I have my eye on this year.

If You’re Into Dresses:

+ this knit dress is one of my favs in the bunch. Zara’s website sucks, so the pictures aren’t great, but in person, this dress is gorgeous. If you’re the type that likes to make a statement, this is perfect for you.

+ corset dresses aren’t for everyone but they’re so adorable!

+ turtleneck dresses are so cute on Thanksgiving. This one has bonus points for lots of room for your post-dinner food baby.

If You’re All About Comfort (or matching sets):

+ a satin or silk set could look super cool on Thanksgiving if you do it right. This top and bottom combo is affordable, comfortable, and has plenty of breathing room.

+ this ribbed sweater set would be so cool with a pair of Gucci slides or a pair of sneakers if you’re going for the ultra-casual look. It also comes in a really pretty blue.

To Pair With Jeans:

+ I loveee a good off-the-shoulder moment and this top. Tucked into some high waisted jeans, or even a cute skirt, and pair with a great pair of shoes. I love how easy it is to dress up or dress down and you’d definitely wear it again.

+ any silk top would be beautiful, but this one is extra dreamy. The sleeves elevate this classy design and, with a pair of jeans, would definitely make a statement. It also comes in a few other pretty fall colors.

+ if this rust-colored tie top is too scandy for your family function, put a tank or tube top underneath for an on-trend and comfortable look.

+ I have these H&M turtlenecks in a few colors and love them with jeans. It’s timeless so you’d have it for a while (I think I’ve had one of them for four years and wear it every year) and is super flattering on.

+ this top on Thanksgiving would be a literal dream for me but I do celebrate in California which is probably the only state you can get away with wearing a tank top at the end of November. This with a pair of jeans is so dramatic and classy and I’d LOVE every second of it.

+ this one-shoulder thermal comes in a bunch of cute colors (of course I picked a neutral) and would be pretty paired with gold jewelry.

+ a henley top tucked into jeans would be another cute look.


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