The Best Denim Jeans

There’s nothing I hate more than trying on jeans. Yes, nothing is better than having a good pair of jeans and they are arguably the most necessary thing to have in your wardrobe but, for me, it’s always a nightmare. I have always been curvy and, depending on the pair of jeans, my sizes can range from a 0 to a 6. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been in a dressing room and literally can’t even get the pants over my butt or better yet, past my knees. Last year, I made it more of a mission to find a REALLY great pair of denim jeans and got pretty close. I haven’t yet found the perfect pair, but here’s my round-up of honorable mentions until then.

+ Left: 8/10. I kept seeing people rave about Abercrombie again and was a little skeptical. I went in one day and tried on a bunch of jeans. I ended up going with these and they’re my second favorite in the bunch. I like to wear a lot of crop-tops and think the best way to pull them off is to have your belly button covered- these definitely accomplish that. With that being said, they are the perfect amount of snug-ness and also very giving. The material is also soft and they come in a bunch of colors and rips.

+ Right: 6/10. In my opinion, these were probably some of the most hyped-up jeans of 2018 and 2019. I loved them when I first got them, but now I’m not as much of a fan. They stretch out a ton so you need to size down. They hit me right below the belly button and sometimes look super unflattering. They’re honestly okay for what I look for and I wouldn’t tell someone not to get them.

+ Left: 7/10. Right now, I wear these jeans the most out of the bunch. My only complaint is that they’re awful to break in and have zero give. I got a new pair and sat on the subway for 30 minutes and thought I was going to pass out they dig in so much. However, once they’re a little lived in, they’re great. They’re the perfect fit and don’t break the bank.

+ Right: 9/10. I really love these Paige jeans. These are the first pair that I fell in love with and also the most expensive. Sometimes, you can find these on sale at Nordstrom Rack or Marshall’s, but I think I’ve only been that lucky once. They are worth the price though and fit in all the right places. They hit right above my belly button and are probably the most comfortable on the list. If you’re not wanting to spend as much, I think the Abercrombie pair is a good alternative. 

I know this post doesn’t have a lot of options, but trust me when I say A LOT of work went into finding these four pairs. I’ll let you know when I find the dream pair, but until then, try these and let me know what you think.


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