Why I Started my Blog

I started this blog because I feel like there isn’t enough representation of girls my age who struggle with everyday things like budgeting, boys, school, and other normal young adult GIRL things. All of the bloggers I love and look up to are married with children or have children on the way, which is super cool, but I often feel removed because I am so not even close to that part of my life. I want my blog to be a community where girls can come for inspiration, advice, and to share stories and ideas. The best feeling in the world for me is when someone is just as excited as I am about something and I want to inspire girls and get them excited about life, dating, and ballin’ on a budget. Social media is so full of unattainable things, which is great, but in balance. I love the idea of girls who always give attainable options: a lot of clothes from Zara and Forever21, but paired with designer pieces. I think that’s kind of the epitome of being young for me, so cool, and is exactly the #BIGMOOD I’d go for. Yes; obviously we love the Gucci purse you’ll have until you’re 90, but the $10 white dress you wear with it? Perfect for the next six months. 

Growing up in Southern California and moving to the middle of nowhere my first year of college made me realize a lot of this. I’ve always been into inspiration and dreaming of something bigger. There are ways to get amazing looks without breaking the bank and so many ways to stay inspired but I feel like there’s not a ton of representation of that. I hope this blog grows to be exactly that and becomes a space for girls my age (and others) to enjoy.


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