My Amazon Must-Haves

I love Amazon for convenience, but also for all the cute things they have. I’m not huge into online shopping unless I know what I’m after, but nine times out of ten, Amazon has what I’m looking for (or what I didn’t know I needed). Here is a collection of things I’ve purchased from them in the last few months that I’m obsessed with.

+ Javafrost Chai because it’s the best- see the post on how I make it.

+ I love this clear laptop case because it’s perfect for minimalists who hate being mismatched; chic, yet functional.

+ These cheap and simple sunglasses have become one of my favorite pairs. They’re super cute on and I never worry about losing or breaking them.

+ USBC/USB Converters because Apple is annoying AF. I always carry one in my bag with my laptop.

+ This wick trimmer because it’s sleek, inexpensive, and gets the job done. Candle care is so underrated and really elongates a candle’s lifespan. Plus, it also functions as cute decor.

+ Pendent necklaces have obviously become popular for layering, and I am continuously on the hunt for new ones. Ilove this afforable initial necklace and have fun styling it.

+ I wanted this Johnathan Adler match strike for so long and was so happy when I finally got it for my coffee table. It’s a cool conversation piece, but isn’t overwhelming.

+ LIFE SAVER! This jewelry holder has changed my life for the better. I use it for my necklaces and a few bracelets.

+ I am obsessed with the Beverly Hills Hotel iconic palm leaves, so it was only right that I get these pajamas. They also come in a bunch of colors/prints and all my friends have them too… super cute for a photo-op or girls’ night.


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